Coastal Lifestyle Fishing Apparel

Redfish LogoFLYIN’ The FLATS ™ is a Coastal lifestyle brand that has its roots anchored deep in the pluff mud flats of Charleston, South Carolina and was hooked and reeled from the mind of a man remembering days on the water as a young boy with his grandfather catching Reds and Trout in tidal creeks and on marsh flats. We, at FLYIN’ The FLATS™, strive to bring you, our friends, the best quality outdoor fishing apparel and gear so that you can weather any storm or battle sweltering heat while cruising the water with friends, taking a hike or Spottin’ Tail™ at your favorite fishing hole!

Performance. Comfortability. Quality.

These may be separate words, but they come together as one in our fishing apparel.

A long day on the water, whether it be chasin’ tails, searching for a rise, or cruising with your entourage, requires comfortable apparel through a breathable fabric with a little added stretch to provide some moving room. Quality is vitally important to us, and attention to detail plays an enormous role in the successes of life. The fine quality and craftsmanship provided to you in our clothing allow them to be usable in any environment. Hot or cold, on and off the water, sweat, odor and blazing sunshine are no problem with the performance moisture management system with FRESH GUARD and high UPF ratings in our fabrics.

Our fishing shirts use both dri-release (dri-release Casting Tees) and Puretech (Performance Casting Tees) technology giving consumers more of a choice. They both are of the highest quality fabrics, are very breathable, moisture-wicking, UPF protected, anti-microbial and unbelievably comfortable.We want to provide the best for our friends and spare no expense when doing just that. We love adventure and the outdoors and intend to venture into our own untraveled frontier to continue to bring you new designs and exciting ideas. Now go, friends. You need to be Spottin’ Tail™ while Flyin’ the Flats™.