A Fly Fishin’ Story: A Man’s First Redfish on Fly

Over the past few months, it has been our pleasure to connect with a few younger up and coming Fly Fishing Gurus. One of which is a Charleston kid named Chase Lasseter. Chase sent us this story of his first redfish caught on fly while wearing one of our NEW Performance Casting Tees. The shirt is muddied by pluff mud and torn from a few close fights with big reds, but he refuses to get rid of it because he was wearing it on this memorable day. Here’s Chases’ story:

“I got out of school early because of a half day, and it was the prefect time to catch the tailing tide. I had brought my rod with me to school so when I walked to my flat I could have it ready to go. I put the rod together, put my line through the guide holes and tied on a fateful “Juicy Fruit” fly. I walked out into the flat and immediately saw some action. As I waded out, I could see a wake about only ten yards in front of me. I wasn’t sure if it was a red or not, but I cast at it anyway. I was stripping by the wake and all of a sudden the water erupted and the fish took off to eat my fly. I strip set and the fight was on! After about a three or four minute fight, I grabbed the leader and landed my fish. He was about 19 inches and fought great on my 7wt BVK and Redington Rise. After releasing the fish, I went back out again and found another fish fairly quickly. This time, there was no doubt. The red’s tail was waving above the water and in no time I was hooked up again! That was a great time and one that I will always remember!” -Chase L.

It’s time like these that we remember what this sport is really about, and we at FTF feel honored to be a part of such an amazing experience!

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